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Nova Scotia Entrepreneur: Atlantic Canada’s 25 Most Powerful Women

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Halifax, N.S-Chantal Brine, Bermuda-born, now Nova Scotian local and founder of start-up company EnPoint, was recently selected and featured for Atlantic Business Magazine’s Atlantic Canada’s 25 Most Powerful Women. Each year, Atlantic Business Magazine hosts the award to recognize the dynamic women who are creating change in Atlantic Canada - specifically those whose “work must have significant direct impact on the business community.”

Brine, who created EnPoint in 2018 , wanted to create a company that would drive the importance and impact of mentorship after several transformative mentorship experiences of her own. As a company, EnPoint offers software that alleviates the administrative burden of launching mentorship programs in organizations. In addition, EnPoint offers their expertise in end to end program creation and coordination to organizations who are looking to launch their own impact-proven programs. After 3 years, and thousands of incredible connections facilitated later, her work continues to become more crucial than ever before.

“I started EnPoint with a clear passion for helping others find their place in the world of work and build a career where they can connect their passions to that given how much of our lives is spent in our careers. Having gone through, how hard, lonely, and frustrating it can be myself, It can be overwhelming but also experiencing the joy of when you find your sweet spot. That came with conversations with mentors over time. For me, EnPoint has been a culmination of trying to bring to others what I have been fortunate enough to have stumbled on during my career - the ears, advice, and support of others that takes the loneliness out of finding your career. This is an acknowledgement of those who have given me their time, expertise and experience to learn from and to pass on to others.“

This year, Chantal’s win comes on the heels of celebrating National Mentorship Month. In January Chantal and her team at EnPoint launched #MentorshipMoments, a campaign and hub to celebrate mentors and mentees everywhere. The campaign calls on anyone who’s ever been a mentor or mentee to share their experiences on how mentorship has positively impacted their lives and careers. The current submissions show a trend where many have mentioned how mentorship has been crucial in their journey to entrepreneurship, building confidence, and in expanding their network. These shared experiences serve as a reminder of the importance of mentorship within a community and a mentorship experience can be equally as transformative for mentors as it is for mentees.

“I feel very privileged to have had opportunities during my time here in Atlantic Canada since graduating from St. Mary’s university many moons ago. To meet, interact with and learn from many amazing female leaders across Atlantic Canada and to be recognized alongside individuals of such a caliber as what I know we have such a stronghold in Atlantic Canada , it is quite humbling. This is truly a win for the philosophy behind mentorship and what it creates. Thank you so much to Atlantic Business Magazine for the opportunity to shine a light on our work here at EnPoint, our amazing clients with their amazing mentors and mentees , and the work that they will continue to do for years to come making Atlantic Canada a better place. “

Woman smiling holding an award in a colourful blazer


Julia Brine, Client Success and Communications Manager


or Chantal Brine, Founder & CEO 902.452.4467

EnPoint: EnPoint helps clients harness the power of mentorship to support their people and participants in creating meaningful careers. Our mission is to support one million individuals in making the right connections at the right stages in their careers. With the EnPoint Mentorship software, program design services, and mentor/mentee training, we help clients create impactful mentorship programs at scale.

Working with clients like Dalhousie University, Dillon Consulting, NSCC, the Black Business Initiative, Women in Communications and Technology, and University of Prince Edward Island, we've helped 20,000+ people across 35+ programs to build the confidence, skills, and connections to be successful for many years to come.To learn more about EnPoint, click here to learn more about the award click here.


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