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EnPoint’s Mentorship Design Service Is Your One Stop Shop For Expertly Planned Mentorship Programs 

Once you’ve decided that mentorship is the solution to achieving your company’s goals, planning and launching a program can feel overwhelming especially when you are limited in resources. Perhaps you’re unsure of where to start? Or perhaps you are  just looking for some external expertise  to get your mentorship program started? EnPoint offers a “one stop shop” option for organizations who would like to leverage our expertise for end to end mentorship program strategy and building and execution. 

Our Mentorship Design services are like 'pressing the easy button' on a successful mentorship program. In our Mentorship Design services we take the brunt of this work for you - ensuring the seamless execution of your program and that your platform speaks to your users and program design. We do the work for you with you, saving you time and effort. 

As not all mentorship programs look the same, using expert knowledge and experience we guide you through the program design process and provide recommendations to set mentors and mentees up to succeed through efficient and impactful programs designed specifically for your organization's goals.

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Customized Content 

With our design service, we go above and beyond with customization to ensure that the content within your program is in line with your program goals and a true extension of your organization. We work with you to customize your program’s content and “take the pen for you”, including: your Program Home Page (and Recruitment Call-outs) Program Agreement, Program Commitment, Criteria/Intake Questions, Email Notifications and Tasks/Milestones for a fully integrated and branded feel.

VIP Access To Best Practices & Research

At EnPoint, we are a wealth of knowledge on mentorship. Gain exclusive access to content such as mentorship guidelines and toolkits, resource documents, online meeting tools, and new insights and reports on practices that will advance your mentoring program to the next level!

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Specially Curated Recommendations  

Using expert knowledge and experience with the successful scaling and execution of mentorship programs, we provide recommendations to set mentors and mentees up to succeed through efficient and impactful program design. 


The EnPoint team will help you develop your:


1) Program structure and objectives to ensure we plan a program in line with your organization’s goals. 

2) Mentor & Mentee recruitment strategies to drive your enrolment.

3) Mentor & Mentee Matchmaking process and tips so relationships are reciprocally beneficial for both. 

4) Mentor & Mentee engagement strategies to increase activity and relationship management. 

5) Program evaluation tools to optimize and measure success, while also supporting mentor/mentee reflection. 

One-on-One Support

We are here to ensure the success of your mentorship program! You will have a dedicated EnPoint representative working with you throughout the duration of your license. We understand the importance of support, not only with the implementation of your program, but also with quality control post-launch. With our Program Design service, your dedicated EnPoint Client Success Manager  is there to be as involved in a lot or as little as you like. Whether you prefer to be in the driver’s seat with additional guidance or prefer to pass the reigns to our managers, our team will ensure that you are supported in every aspect of your program from its ideation to its launch.


We will guide you through your first matches, conduct a mid-point check-in, troubleshoot issues and suggest recommendations for improvement.


Consider us your Mentorship Mentor in Residence!

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Ready to collaborate with our team of experts from the start to finish of your program? Book a meeting today to discuss how we can help you build a mentorship program that accomplishes your goals. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"As EduNova’s private sector partner, En Point has been an integral part of the conception and implementation of these programs ... En Point is a nimble and responsive partner, who has been able to quickly adapt to the unique needs of our programs and students."

Wendy Luther, Former President & CEO, EduNova

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