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Mentorship programs have never been easier with EnPoint Mentorship Software

EnPoint offers a comprehensive tool for simplified mentorship program creation, maintenance and measurement all in a single platform.

Planning an impact driven mentorship program shouldn’t feel complicated or  like an administrative burden. Long gone are the days where you are managing your program across various softwares, excel sheets and or manually. Whether you are strapped for resources or time, using EnPoint’s Mentorship software, can help you create, manage, and monitor a structured mentorship program that achieves your objectives. Our software reduces your administrative time while still ensuring you have a program that provides a “high-impact feel” to your mentees and mentors and accurate tracking of outcomes.

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Create a customized structured mentorship program that reflects both your brand and your program objectives.

Customizable Templates

Utilize our fully customizable templates to inspire your content strategy and to create a program that is whitelabeled and an extension of your organization’s brand in a fraction of the time. Our software is also multi-language capable.

Simple Registration & Account Creation to Drive Enrollment

Driving enrollment has never been easier with simple and mobile friendly account creation and program registration form that is customizable.

Automated Matching 

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manually managing the pairing of your program participants. EnPoint automates the matching of your mentee/mentors based on their survey results and your matching parameters to ensure accuracy and save you time. 


Reduce your administrative time while still ensuring you have a program that provides a 'high-impact feel' to your mentees and mentors.

Cloud Based & Secure

Your platform is accessible from anywhere, any time. This provides one location for students, mentors, and administrators to access. EnPoint offers a secure platform with industry standard technical safeguards and data encryption. Learn more below.  

Task + Email Automation & Notifications

Manages flow of milestones by pushing notifications, reminders, and tasks set by you to mentees, mentors, or both . Saves you time and energy. No more manual emails, spreadsheets, calendars and/or reminders!

Video Meeting Integration

Through the platform, matched mentees and mentors can schedule and join video meetings with one another through their own Zoom or Google Accounts.

Centralized Resource Hub

EnPoint Includes a resource centre so clients can provide additional learning tools, online workshops, reference guides, and worksheets to support your mentees and mentors skill development.

Dedicated Client Success Support

A dedicated client success manager is available to help you maximize our platform to its full potential, and ensure the smooth execution and scaling of your program. 

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EnPoint lets you measure, monitor and analyze your results to ensure you are on track with your program goals. 

Reporting & Monitoring

At any time, mentees and mentors can track their relationship progress within the platform. Admins are also able to see results of individual relationships and on overall program progress. Use the data to optimize your program.

Participant Surveys & Receive Valuable Feedback

Our ​​Integrated survey feature allows you to schedule the delivery of surveys, and receive valuable feedback from your participants. View and download your results all within the platform.

Ready to create your own transformative mentorship program?

Book A Demo Solutions

Prefer to leave it to an expert? Learn More About EnPoint’s Mentorship Design Services

EnPoint also offers a “one stop shop” option for organizations who would like to leverage our expertise for end to end mentorship program strategy and building and execution. It’s like “pressing the easy button” with our Mentorship Design Services. 

Features & Benefits
  • CDA based and Secure Platform 

    • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. SSL + query var sanitation before sending any requests to the database

  • Easy account creation and registration for both mentees & mentors 

    • Passwords – the platform makes password recommendations as to what is a strong or weak password. Passwords are stored with a hash, not in plain text.

    • User IDs – Each user has its own ID and is also keyed against a unique email address.

  • Easy to set up & customizable platform whitelabeled to your brand, including templates to get you started

  • Automated or Manual Matches

  • Automated Email Notifications, Tasks & Reminders 

  • Analytics Dashboard that allows you to track individual relationships & overall program process

  • Includes a meeting scheduler and video meeting integration for easy virtual connections

  • Send and monitor results of program evaluations and reflection logs 

  • ​​Integrated survey feature to schedule participant surveys, and receive responses and feedback. 

  • Includes a resource hub to provide participants with additional information 

  • Dedicated Customer Success Representative for your account

What Our Clients Are Saying

"It's laid out beautifully, to a point where someone who is not technology savvy, is able to follow along."

Lori Lancaster, Director Alumni Relations,

Mount Saint Vincent University

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