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Our Mission

EnPoint exists to help people connect their passion to their career. We believe people should love what they do. Life is too short for anything else. We also know that building a career centered on purpose is hard work; it doesn’t happen overnight. 


That’s why our mission is to help one million people build meaningful careers by making the right connections at the right time.

Picture of a group gathering around CEO of EnPoint, Chantal Brine as she writes on paper.
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Our Story


After EnPoint founder, Chantal Brine, experienced the power of mentorship herself and reconnected with her own passion of helping others develop confidence to build careers that they love, she set out to find a way to help as many people as possible do just that. As a former international student who made Nova Scotia home post-graduation because of the opportunities in the province, when considering where to ‘begin’ it was a no-brainer. 


EnPoint’s journey started locally, working with select organizations to understand the challenges people were facing when trying to build careers in the province. We talked with hundreds of recent graduates, mid-career professionals, employers, people getting ready to “retire”, and many other stakeholders involved in the “labor market”. 

What we found was not what we expected. Overwhelmingly what people shared was a crisis of career and self. We heard people struggling to identify what they wanted in a career, lacking confidence to go in search of that answer, and/or completely overwhelmed with the amount of possibilities and unsure how to get started. We heard organizations meant to help people with this, looking for new ideas to help their students, employees, and community members overcome obstacles to building careers. 

We began testing a theory: If we helped people meet the right people, those that will build their confidence and foundational skills (like relationship management, communication, etc.), at the right time,  when they are facing these career crises, then they’ll be better equipped to overcome those obstacles. We believed that mentorship could take the lonely out of career, when used intentionally and successfully. 

We were right. And so now, we help client organizations across Canada build and scale impactful mentorship programs to help their people build meaningful careers focusing on confidence, skills, and connections that last a life-time.

Why Work With EnPoint?

We aim to reduce isolation for our clients and your people.  


For clients, when you work with EnPoint you join a community of like-minded people on a mission to help your people create their best career lives. You also gain a partner dedicated to reducing the amount of effort and administration it takes you to create powerful mentorship programs that achieve your objectives. For your people, that means having access to tools, resources, and training to help them maximize their learnings and impact from mentorship.   

We practice what we preach that relationships matter and take pride in our client relationships. We partner with clients along the way, whether you’re leveraging our full suite of program design and training services and EnPoint mentorship software or just what you need to run your mentorship program(s) successfully.  Consider us your own personal “Mentor in Residence'' championing your success and impact at every stage!

For more information and highlights of the projects we’ve worked on check out our 2023 impact report.

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"Know what sparks the in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world." 

“We can do hard things - it's the impossible that takes a little longer.”

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before."

- Oprah Winfrey

- Alan Packer 

- J Loren Norris 

"To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone."

- Reba McIntire

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