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Increase Employee Engagement and Retention Through Workplace Mentorship Programs

EnPoint’s innovative mentorship software for workplaces will help you create a customizable high impact, goal driven and measurable program for existing employees and hiring prospects.

Why Mentoring is Crucial For Your Employees?

70%+ of the Fortune 500 employ mentorship programs. Mentorship has the power to completely transform an organization’s culture. For organizations, mentorship creates enhanced communication, intergenerational connections, and supportive environments that generate a sense of value and commitment amongst your employees. 

According to a survey done by HR Magazine, 74% of  employees would like to receive more training and because of a lack of training, they feel as though they are not reaching their full potential. As a result, 33% of employees leave due to a lack of support from management and development opportunities.
For Organizations: 

Alleviate your worries of labour shortages by creating a nurturing work environment that fosters your employee’s full potential. Mentorship can be a fantastic solution for employee retention, talent attraction, job satisfaction and development in the context of reskilling and upskilling. A mentorship program can not only support but enhance a company’s existing HR practices. Develop your employee’s leadership skills, promote diversity, improve your company culture and create a more passion driven workforce. 


Reports show that both mentees and mentors are 6x more likely to be promoted than those who are neither.

For Employees: 

Mentorship programs can enhance the development of leadership between employers and employees. For employees who are feeling unengaged or under-utilized, mentorship offers a vehicle towards a career transition without ever leaving your organization. Mentorship programs can improve diversity and inclusion to existing employers and marginalized groups by supporting both career progression, career transitions and offer additional opportunities from within through personal development as well as upskilling and reskilling initiatives. Additionally, mentorship can provide a sense of connectedness to the people in your organization. 

Why EnPoint?

High impact mentorship programs made easy

Mentorship programs are made easy with our intuitive and customizable software. Access our expertise and support  with a dedicated client success manager during your program creation as well as post launch. EnPoint also offers a mentorship design and training service where we provide end to end program creation.

Build your brand

Recruitment is made easier with mentorship programs. Retain or attract early talent and grow your employer brand by offering a program to new graduates, and showcasing the opportunities for growth within your organization.

Meet program objectives, measure success and scale

With trackable results down to the individual level, you are able to measure and optimize your program for success. Our dedicated client success team members can also offer you support to maximize the platform. Our software also allows you to send post-program surveys to receive valuable feedback from your participants 

Save time & Improve efficiency with automation

Keep your students engaged and your alumni connected to their alma mater with your mentorship program. Our platform makes these relationships easier to a video chat feature and all key information on their mentorship via a dedicated dashboard. Share key resources through a dedicated hub, track meetings, offer training and stay organized all in our single software.

Enhance employee skills, confidence and knowledge 

Your employees are a wealth of untapped talent and potential. Leverage the experience of senior level staff while training new employees. Improve employee performance and skills sets through hands-on experience.  

Ready to start transforming your workplace?

How can you use EnPoint in the workplace: 

Peer Mentoring

Whether your employees are working in office or remotely, companies can expedite the onboarding process of new hires through a mentorship program. Pair senior level staff with new employees to support them through their onboarding and transition in their new workplace and create an engaged and collaborative employee from day one. 

Reskilling & Upskilling 

Unlock the potential of existing employees through upskilling and enhancing their existing skill set from experienced employees and prioritizing internal opportunities for promotion. Additionally, investing in reskilling can support existing employees through a lateral move within your organization and foster a new found passion. 

Career Mentoring 

Attract new talent through employing a mentorship program that highlights the benefits of working with your organization. This model simultaneously supports the development of your employees’ leadership skills through their ability to mentor new graduates or potential hires.

Diversity & Inclusion 

Mentorship programs can help to fill gaps and give additional opportunities for marginalized groups and / or people who face systemic barriers to progression in their careers. Create a supportive and inclusive workforce through empowering minority employees, diversifying your talent and creating meaningful relationships in the workplace. 

"Knowing that we could trust EnPoint to take care of all the research, including creating email templates, assignments and program tasks made a huge difference. It saved us so much time. Using the progress report really helped me stay organized and on top of participants. We are now using mentorship in all of our programs, because of this pilot program. The platform highlights the value for participants, by giving us the confidence and foundation to create programs easily in a reasonable
amount of time."

YWCA Program Manager

How It Works

Creating a mentorship program for your unique goals is made easier with EnPoint Mentorship Software

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Set up your program

Set up and tailor your program to your organization's needs in our customizable platform with ease. Your site set-up can be completed in as little as an hour.

Find Matches

After creating your custom questionnaire, let our technology find the perfect matches for your Mentors and Mentees

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Accelerate Your Program

Maintenance is made easy with automated communication. Hold your Mentors and Mentees accountable through prompts and reminders.

Measure Success

Track the progress of your mentor/mentee connections and optimize your program. 

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Dedicated Support

Throughout this process, you are not alone! Our client success team can ensure that you are leveraging the platform the best you can while helping you optimize your program.

For a full list of EnPoint's Features Visit our software solutions page.


 Mentorship programs don't have to be difficult. EnPoint also offers end-to end Mentorship Design Services

EnPoint also offers a “one stop shop” option for organizations who would like to leverage our expertise for end to end mentorship program strategy and building and execution. It’s like “pressing the easy button” with our Mentorship Design Services. 

Client Spotlight

EnPoint proudly partners with organizations who are committed to transforming their workplace and employee careers. Read more below about organizations who have successfully launched their impact-driven mentorship programs.

Entrepreneurial Mentoring Spotlight: YWCA

The YWCA launched their Business Builders program that is dedicated to helping newcomer women discover and develop their entrepreneurial ideas into reality. Through the mentorship program mentees expand their knowledge of navigating the Canadian business landscape, gain local context in their industry/business area, and exposure to their professional network.

Career Mentoring Spotlight: WCT

WCT offers an array of mentorship programs, including regional mentorship circles and one-on-one mentorship at a national level. They are all designed to inspire and empower women at every level in their careers as well as break down the barriers to the advancement of women in technology, communications, and media industries in Canada. 

Mentorship for business

Other Resources

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See how other organizations are enhancing their workplace and supporting their employees through the use of mentorship.

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Find out how other organizations are enhancing their workplace and supporting their employees through the use of mentorship.

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