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We're Hiring Career Strategists!

We are searching for a few new team members who have a passion for wanting to help people build self-confidence, skills, and connections that support them building meaningful careers.

Please note: If you have experience in any of the below, you could be a good fit. Our team of Career Strategists is diverse representing people with experiences in a number of the below:

  • Internal HR - where part of your role has been providing feedback to employees or job applicants about career development related topics

  • Hiring manager responsibilities and/or team lead - where a big part of your role is providing feedback to employees about their career development (performance, coaching, etc.)

  • External or Internal Recruitment - where part of what you love about your role is providing coaching and feedback to applicants and/or candidates around how to better their chances of job/ career success.

  • Advising and/or Career Coaching - providing guidance or feedback to diverse students in post-secondary and/or diverse individuals in a variety of career stages and transitions

About the Role

The purpose of this role is to support international participants and participants entering the tech sector in gaining the self-awareness, confidence, skills, and connections to enable them to successfully start a meaningful career in their province, (NS or Atlantic Canada pending project), and chosen field. There are two projects in particular we are looking for the right people to support (although it is not necessary to support both pending your interests and experience):

  • Skills for Hire Atlantic- designed to address the rapid growth and demand for talent in the tech sector by providing introductory training in cybersecurity and data analytics to equip participants with essential skills required to embark on entry-level roles. EnPoint is the career development partner for this program providing workshops and student support.

  • EduNova Study and Stay Program™ provides international students with enhanced support during their final year of academic study at a post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia to support them in building professional connections that boost their careers as they enter the workforce.

​Acting as a “Career Strategist”, working predominantly one-on-one (and in a few cases in small groups) with participants (applying EnPoint’s processes and tools), this role requires:

  • Scheduling meetings (all via video-conference virtually) using an appointed scheduling tool (that syncs with your own calendar)

  • Conducting meetings (typically in 30 minute increments)

  • Suggesting follow-up actions to participants as appropriate based on meeting

  • Guiding participants through a number of topics related to their ability to successfully transition from student to professional, including:

  • Career planning

  • Resume review

  • Interview preparation

  • Job search strategizing,

  • Networking plan creation, implementation/ troubleshooting

  • Managing a mentorship and other professional relationships

  • Understanding labor market needs

  • Any other topic related to labor market connection

  • Maintain records of time spent with participants and high level items discussed and report to EnPoint team on a regular basis using provided tools (best case scenario is meetings are reported within the same week they happen)

  • Provide suggestions to participants on potential employers to consider (in line with the career interests)

  • Represent EnPoint’s brand and values (constructive feedback, actional advice, and participant-centered guidance) in all interactions related to contract

*If interested, possibly deliver and/or assist with delivery of workshops on topics such as career readiness, networking, resume building, interviewing, etc. (using EnPoint’s Intellectual Property and materials) * This is not required, but if you have an interest in doing so great; we can discuss!*

The Ideal Person

  • Likely has a background (education and experience) in one of the following fields: human resources, training, professional development, recruitment (industry or post-secondary), career services, employment services, and/or student services. Open to other fields as well if other requirements are met.

  • Possesses a fundamental understanding of labor market needs and employer expectations of job seekers

  • Experience working with employers or as an employer in the tech sector a benefit

  • Knows how to apply a discovery-oriented approach to problem solving, guiding participants through questions and scenarios as opposed to directing

  • Wants to help people connect their passion to a career – and has likely lived this discovery process themselves

  • Enjoys working with a diverse range of job/career seekers, i.e. including diverse cultures, industries, and ages from 18-50+ and has experience working with individuals from a variety of fields, backgrounds, and needs

  • Has an uncanny ability to relate to individuals and make them feel comfortable while exploring the complexities and emotional rollercoaster that starting a career can invoke

  • Is committed to participants success and believes in creating a great customer experience

The Logistics

  • Contract role

  • Anywhere between 5 -15 hours/ month (more if desired)

  • Starting in January 2024

  • Length TBC - ideally for a year, but open to 4 or 6 month options

  • Laptop and cell phone not provided

  • Processes, group workshop materials, individual worksheets, and tools to be used to support student meetings, provided by EnPoint

Little About Us

We work with companies, educational institutions, and nonprofits across Canada to help launch or level-up their mentorship programs to engage their participants and successfully achieve objectives. We have supported over 45 organizations and 60,000 individuals to build the confidence, skills, and connections to be successful for many years to come. Ways that we support organizations and participants alike include: mentorship software, mentorship program design, mentor/mentee training, and career development workshops.


For more information, and/or if you are interested in discussing this opportunity, please fill out the form here! 

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