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EnPoint Presents


Recognize The Amazing Mentors & Mentees In Your Life!

At EnPoint we truly believe that Mentorship Changes Lives. Our mission is to support one million people to make the right connections at the right stages in their careers. This Mentorship month we invite you to share your life-changing Mentorship Moment.


Do You? 

  • Have valuable advice that you’ve heard from a mentor and/or a lesson you've learned through mentorship that you'd like to share?​

  • Have an incredible mentor that you’d like to shout out for everything they’ve imparted on you?

  • Have an incredible mentee that you’d like to appreciate their transformation

  • Believe in mentorship and would like to share how it’s changed your life?

We want to celebrate the impact of mentorship you've witnessed! Fill out the form below or record a quick video to share your mentorship experience.  We want to help you honor a mentor or mentee in your life and spread the word on the impact of mentorship far and wide!

Share Your #MentorshipMoment

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