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Build and Empower Your Community through Powerful Mentorship Programs

EnPoint’s easy to use mentorship software for not for profits will help you create a customizable high impact, goal driven and measurable program for your community members.

Why Mentoring is Crucial For Communities

Mentorship can enable and strengthen the members of your organization and your community. Increase access to mentoring and help your community members maximize their potential through a program that fosters connection across sectors, expand their professional networks, pursue their careers, offer valuable resources, and build a diverse and inclusive community. 

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For Not For Profits:

Train, engage and retain valuable volunteers and members with mentorship. By investing in your community, this allows members to stay connected and be passionate about your organization. Cultivating meaningful relationships and personal connections can inspire passion, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within your community. 

For Community Members:

Mentorship programs offer an effective way for members to connect with one another. Members can develop their career, expand personal and professional networks, diversify their knowledgebase, feel empowered as well as feel more involved in the community.   

Why EnPoint?

Overcome systemic barriers 

High impact mentorship programs can support and enable your community and provide opportunities to marginalized communities. Set up successful programs with our easy to navigate, customizable and intuitive software. Access our expertise and support with a dedicated client success manager during your program creation as well as post launch. EnPoint also offers a mentorship design and training service where we provide end to end program creation. 

Make the most of your limited budget and resources

EnPoint offers a one stop shop with all things mentorship programs. Our platform houses video chat features, the ability to share key resources through a dedicated hub, track meetings, the ability to offer training and stay organized all in our single software. 

Save time on administrative milestones & improve efficiency a with our automated system 

Our client success team can offer you training videos, guides and support to ensure that you're maximizing the software while minimizing tasks and turnover. With our customizable templates - launching and maintaining your mentorship programs have never been easier. Automated matching, milestones and email notifications allows for the seamless execution of your program while you focus on high value milestones.

Meet program objectives and measure success and scale

With trackable results down to the individual level, you are able to measure and optimize your program for success. Our dedicated client success team members can also offer you support to maximize the platform. Our software also allows you to send post-program surveys to receive valuable feedback from your participants.

How can you use EnPoint for Not For Profits: 

Youth Mentorship

Empower the youth of your community by helping them maximize their full potential. Access to youth mentorship programs can help inspire passion, offer valuable resources, develop self confidence and positivity, build networks and career development within the youth of the community. 

Career Mentoring 

Whether it’s for newcomers or long standing community members, mentorship is valuable in helping individuals, families and communities build better and passion fueled careers. The need for confidence and career development transcends all generations. Support the upskilling, reskilling and career development of your community by investing in career mentoring and connecting members from various sectors. 

Reskilling & Upskilling 

Unlock the potential of your community through upskilling and enhancing their existing skill set from experienced community members and prioritizing local hiring opportunities. Additionally, investing in reskilling can support members through a lateral move within your local organizations and foster a new found passion.

"For the past year, I have been working with EnPoint to build a new mentorship platform. The charity I work for had never run a mentorship program before but we knew it could be a great add-on to our services. EnPoint was incredibly helpful in setting up the platform by providing the team with guidance, building resources for our program participants, regular check-ins and so much more. The team was always great to work with and open to new ideas. Whenever we had issues, Michelle was always quick to respond to our e-mails and always happy to set up a call to work through things together. The EnPoint team truly understood the importance of the mentorship program for our charity and was always eager to help us reach our targets."

Windmill Microlending, Former Alumni Relations Specialist

How It Works

Creating a mentorship program for your unique goals is made easier with EnPoint Mentorship Software

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Set up your program

Set up and tailor your program to your organization's needs in our customizable platform with ease. Your site set-up can be completed in as little as an hour.

Find Matches

After creating your custom questionnaire, let our technology find the perfect matches for your Mentors and Mentees

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Accelerate Your Program

Maintenance is made easy with automated communication. Hold your Mentors and Mentees accountable through prompts and reminders.

Measure Success

Track the progress of your mentor/mentee connections and optimize your program. 

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Dedicated Support

Throughout this process, you are not alone! Our client success team can ensure that you are leveraging the platform the best you can while helping you optimize your program.

For a full list of EnPoint's Features Visit our software solutions page.


 Mentorship programs don't have to be difficult. EnPoint also offers end-to end Mentorship Design Services

EnPoint also offers a “one stop shop” option for organizations who would like to leverage our expertise for end to end mentorship program strategy and building and execution. It’s like “pressing the easy button” with our Mentorship Design Services. 

Client Spotlight

EnPoint proudly partners with organizations who are committed to transforming the workplace and employee careers. Read more below about organizations who have successfully launched their impact-driven mentorship programs.

Non Profit Mentoring Spotlight: Black Business Initiative

The Black Business Initiative's TD Spark Mentorship program aims to create a networking and mentorship platform for African Nova Scotian and other racially visible youth. In partnership with business leaders an the broader community, the program fosters an environment where youth are inspired and empowered to create and nurture professional networks to pursue vital opportunities and expand their leadership capabilities. 

Mentorship black business initiative

Non Profit Mentoring Spotlight: Windmill Microlending

Windmill Microlending's Mentorship Program was aimed to match Windmill alumni and volunteers as mentors, with current Windmill Microlending clients as mentees to assist mentees in navigating the Canadian labour market as well as providing them with the necessary tools to help them find gainful employment. 

Other Resources

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The Benefits Of Reciprocal Mentorship

EnPoint CEO & Founder Chantal Brine shares, why mentorship matters for career acceleration in both mentees and mentors in an article published by Women of Influence

Ready to join other organizations who are making a change in their community?

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