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Case Study: Mount Saint Vincent University

Mount Saint Vincent University is a public, primarily undergraduate, university located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. As a post secondary institution, MSVU prides itself on continuously fostering the important connection with alumni and students. 

The Goal

To assist and elevate the maintaining of the connection between their alumni and students, MSVU launched the Mount Mentorship Program with the help of EnPoint. The Mount Mentorship Program is designed to assist 4th year students with the transition to life after graduation from university. The program partners these students with relevant alumni who provide them with unique hands-on guidance  and also extends support to new MSVU graduates who are working hard to find where they fit in their desired field.

Our Work With MSVU

Professional Development Workshops for their Mentorship Program

The EnPoint team delivered workshops to support students in learning the skills necessary to be successful in starting and building their career. We also ran mentor training sessions to enable mentors to create successful relationships with their mentees.


Mentorship Program Design 

To ensure that the program is successful and as they did not have the resources and expertise in house, MSVU sought external support so that their program was launched with proper foundations from the start. EnPoint worked with MSVU during the brainstorming and creation of their program. This includes helping their administration team determine the following key components of the programs: objectives, milestones, emails, criteria, program agreement, and accountability reporting. Throughout the process, the alumni board joined in collaboration to support the creation  and testing process of the program. Their support allowed them to ensure that  their goals of cultivating relationships would be met! 


EnPoint Mentorship Software

MSVU Once the MSVU team was ready to press go, we guided MSVU through the onboarding, program set up & implementation and frequent use of our platform.  To ensure success, we continuously share best practices on how to maximize the use of the EnPoint software and provide recommendations to set mentors and mentees up to succeed through efficient and impactful program design.

MSVU's Alumni Director shared she gained more than just a software. With the support and ease she felt using the technology it made it "easier to do her job" by;

  • Having simple and effective technology to create the connections she wanted to make 

  • The intake process allowed her to gather more data and information that she otherwise would not have had access to about her current and future alumni 

  • The software supported a level of professionalism and ease that she wanted to deliver to her Alumni groups

Office Meeting

"The beautiful thing is the direct support that we get, being able to reach out for even those small minor questions. Not only that, but the resources that are provided to us, which allows us to, perhaps dig and find those answers ourselves quickly. The platform is laid out beautifully, to a point where someone who is not technology savvy, is able to follow along."

- Lori Lancaster, Director Alumni Relations

The Impact

As a result of partnership not only does MSVU’s program managers see ongoing participants within their mentorship program, but they also feel equipped and supported to run programs yearly with the help from our client success team and easy to use software! 

2019 & 2020 Mentorship Programs

175+ participants

2021 Mentorship Program

83 mentors, 67 mentees, 54 matches

2022 Mentorship Program

79 mentors, 51 mentees, 48 matched

2021 Mentorship Workshop

50 Participants Trained

For the participating students and alumni, there is a lasting impact from the learnings they’ve acquired from the professional development workshops and the invaluable advice and skills they’ve gained from their mentorship experience. The impact will be resounding long after graduation.

MSVU Participant

about the program

"Thank you so much for the online Forum. The discussion was very interactive and I learned a lot from both EnPoint's answers and my peers' questions, which gave me a sense of "I was not the only one with that question", and urged me to seek for solutions from all sources. I attended all the workshops that EnPoint provided and I found them all valuable. They gave me an understanding of what I could do to improve my performance in interviews and build up my networks here, which will benefit me in finding a job and meeting new people. "

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