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EnPoint News

  • Chantal Selected for Most Inspiring Immigrant Award

    • We are excited to announce Chantal’s selection as one of 2024's Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada! My East Coast Experience and RBC paired up to recognize the individuals who have made a difference in their communities after making the Atlantic region their new home. Out of 155 inspiring nominees, Chantal was chosen as one of the 9 award recipients. 

  • Balancing Human Connection and Tech Advancements in Mentorship

    • Written by Chantal and Julia for CERIC's Careerwise Blog, this article discusses the exciting times ahead in career development! AI tools are revolutionizing mentorship programs, offering quick access to resources and advice, even acting as coaches. While AI has gained popularity in recent years, do not underestimate the power of human connection. Explore the value of human mentorship and gain tips for using generative AI to support you in your mentorship relationships HERE.


  • EnPoint Eyes Established Professionals

    • Chantal was featured in an article by Entrevestor, highlighting her recent win for My East Coast Experience’s 2024 Atlantic Canada’s Most Inspiring Immigrant Award. The article shares Chantal’s story and discusses the significant growth EnPoint has experienced, working with more than 90 organizations and close to 250,000 people. Read the full story HERE.

  • Cannexus 24

    • EnPoint had an incredible 3 days at Cannexus! It was an event brimming with insights, connections, and inspiration. Chantal’s presentation alongside Digital Nova Scotia’s Judith Dardon was a highlight of the conference for us. Their collaborative exploration of the findings and lessons learned from the Atlantic Canada Skills for Hire project resonated with attendees. Here’s to continued growth, learning, and collaboration in the field of career development! If you missed out, don’t worry! You can check out the highlights HERE.

  • We’re Hiring! - Marketing & Business Growth Intern

    • We are searching for a new team member who is a creative thinker, has a passion for marketing, and is excited about the opportunities of working with a growing business. If you have a diploma/degree with a focus on Marketing, Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing/Public Relations, and/or Management and a flare for marketing you could be a good fit. Learn more and apply HERE

Client Updates and Celebrations!

  • EduNova Employer Discovery Project

    • We're supporting EduNova Co-operative Ltd. in a mini-Employer Discovery Project. If you're a hiring manager or leader in Nova Scotia with experience hiring and retaining international students, we want to hear from you. Help shape EduNova’s future initiatives aimed at supporting more international students in building meaningful connections with employers in Nova Scotia. We would love to hear your perspective, fill out the survey HERE

  • BHER New Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Partnerships

    • We’re excited to share that the Business & Higher Education Round Table (BHER) is collaborating with EnPoint, NSCC, and Dalhousie on one of its five new work-integrated learning (WIL) partnerships across Nova Scotia. This is the perfect opportunity for post-secondary students to immerse themselves in impactful learning outside the classroom, get valuable experience, and make connections. The first workshop is February 24th, don’t hesitate to get involved! Sign up HERE

  • Crown Mentorship Foundation - Black History Month

    • This month is Black History Month, a month to recognize and celebrate the resilience, achievements, and contributions of Black individuals throughout history. Crown Mentorship Foundation provides Black professionals with opportunities and development to overcome barriers or take their careers to the next level. Visit their socials HERE to learn more about some of the great events happening this month, or visit their website for more on their programs and resources!

  • Africadian Empowerment Academy - Black History Month

    • Another great organization to take a look at is the Africadian Empowerment Academy, an organization dedicated to empowering People of African descent in Nova Scotia. Non-profit education and skills development-based, they prepare members to chase and achieve their lifelong dreams and aspirations. Check out for information on their wide variety of programs, services, and events HERE.

Things to Inspire

  • The Power of Mentorship in Career Growth and Development 

    • Mentorship plays a key role in career growth and development, providing guidance, support, and networking opportunities. Backed by statistics, it enhances job satisfaction, improves performance, expands networks, and boosts confidence, accelerating long-term success. By embracing the opportunities, there is the potential for tremendous growth and long-term success. 

  • 6 Benefits of Networking That Can Help Your Career

    • ​Having a well-established network can be very beneficial throughout your professional journey. Read up on how networking can increase confidence, foster lasting relationships, gain access to opportunities, and enhance personal and professional development. 

  • How To Advance Your Career (With 7 Insightful Tips)

    • ​Looking to enhance your career? This helpful article offers tips for success including monitoring progress, expanding your network, identifying actions you can take to reach specific objectives, and finding a mentor. In addition to these strategies, developing skills like attentiveness, communication, leadership, organization, and curiosity can be great qualities for your career growth.

  •  Unlocking Your Potential: The Power of Career Mentorship

    • ​One of the most effective ways to unleash your potential and acquire professional success is through mentorship. This article explores what to look for in a mentor, how to find an ideal mentor for you, tips for building a successful mentor-mentee relationship, and the rewards of being a mentor yourself. 

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