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EnPoint News

  • Chantal recently spoke about the importance of building meaningful relationships (AKA networking) at the Elevating Women in Business- Blazing Trails Event hosted by the Women in Business Committee at the Sobey School of Business. Thanks to this group for the opportunity to talk about something that is central to our business. 

  • Last month, we attended the Lattice Resources for Humans Conference and Indeed FutureWorks. Having the opportunity to hear from many inspiring speakers like Simon Sinek and Viola Davis left us with numerous takeaways. During these conferences, there was discussion on learning and development, mitigating employee burnout, creating a culture of excellence and many more. Wanting to share our insight, Chantal published this article on the key trends in 2023 for employers.

  • Along with other Atlantic Canada finalists, we are looking forward to attending the EY Entrepreneur of the Year gala on October 27th. We cannot wait to be a part of the talented group of entrepreneurs from across the Atlantic provinces celebrating the passion, commitment, and skill they exhibited leading up to this event. We are incredibly proud of Chantal’s nomination for this award. Stay tuned for updated results! If you’ll also be attending let us know!

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Client Updates and Celebrations!

  • The New Era of Magnet

    • One of our community partners, Magnet, has announced its evolution into two distinct brands! The first, Magnet, is focused on supporting individuals with industry insights, labour market information, technology resources and network amplification. Their new division, “Powered by Magnet”, promotes projects, programs and opportunities across Canada. Explore their new features HERE

  • Digital Nova Scotia - Welcoming New CEO, Owen Sagness

    • Digital Nova Scotia recently announced their new CEO, Owen Sagness. Our experience working with them as the Career Development partner for Skills for Hire has always been exceptional. We send our congratulations and warm welcome to Owen!

  • Celebrating Small Business Month

    • October is a special month to celebrate the 98% of businesses in Canada that identify as small-medium enterprises! It is important to highlight the contributions this mighty group makes in their communities. Our team appreciates all of the SMES we have had the opportunity to work with, truly the support we give one another is what makes being a small business unique.  If you’re looking for recommendations for branding, sales coaching, PR, sales, or product development, we’re happy to make referrals!

  • Congratulations to Halifax Partnership for Four 2023 Excellence in Economic Development Awards

    • ​Halifax Partnership has received three Gold and one Silver 2023 Excellence in Economic Development Awards from the International Economic Development Council at their annual September meeting. These have been given to recognize their team's dedication to the residents of Halifax and their contribution to shaping and improving the economy.

Things to Inspire

  • The Secret to Keeping Employees Onboard

    • The HRReporter discusses the need for professionals to keep up with new technology and help their employees navigate the technological transition. As artificial intelligence makes its way into more jobs, it is essential to provide learning opportunities to all individuals that may be impacted. The article includes additional information on the impact of AI in workplaces and suggestions on how individuals can implement their recommended resources.

  • 10 Mega-Trends That Will Shape Work and Careers In 2040

    • In recent years, we have seen rapid changes in how our workplaces operate. Creative Futures Studio Inc. conducted multiple interviews with career development professionals and career service users to estimate the future of work. This article starts by revealing the top 10 trends expected to shape careers by 2040, leading to how individuals can be better prepared for what is to come.

  • Key Trends on 2023 Employees from Industry Leaders

    • As busy professionals, attending the conferences we know may be highly beneficial is hard. Luckily, our founder, Chantal, has gathered some key takeaways from the events that our team has observed in recent months. Learn more about mitigating employee burnout, creating a culture of excellence and how to influence development in your workplace.

  • Workers Say They Would Take A Pay Cut To Have An Empathetic Employer

    • Being an encouraging leader people feel they can trust significantly impacts retaining and attracting employees. Carolyn Crist from HRDrive explains the shift in priorities workers have when choosing a job position. The report includes various statistics on what the future workforce deems essential and how employers can meet their needs.

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