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EnPoint News

  • We are excited to announce that the Corporate Governance Committee has welcomed Chantal as a new member of their Halifax Partnership’s Emerging Leaders & Innovators Advisory Board! This council provides Halifax Partnership’s Board of Directors with new and diverse perspectives while obtaining stewardship and mentorship opportunities. We look forward to seeing the impact Chantal and the rest of the board will make in the near future!

  • Chantal visited the Halifax Public Gardens with Digital Nova Scotia to inform them and their audience about the impact and value of mentorship! A special thank you to their digital team for capturing Chantal’s insight through a fun and creative video! Our team at EnPoint is so grateful for this partnership. Hopefully, you will see more of this match-up in the future! See the video HERE.

  • We are proud to introduce our newest EnPoint Co-op employee fulfilling the Marketing and Business Growth Intern role. Paige Hagan, a third-year student at Dalhousie University, will be joining us for the fall semester! Over the past 5 years, our co-op program has been a top priority. We are grateful to continue this by welcoming Paige to the team!

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Client Updates and Celebrations!

  • Unity Charity - Back to School Campaign

    • Unity Charity just launched their Back-to-School campaign, and they need your help to HYPE up their youth! Unity is a national non-profit organization that helps youth develop resilience, confidence and relationships through free Hip-Hop programs. By giving a gift, you're helping provide young people with a creative outlet for self-expression and a space for mental health support. Donate HERE!

  • Crown Mentorship Foundation - Breaking Barriers through Mentorship

    • ​Crown Mentorship Foundation just hosted its official launch event! This not-for-profit organization hosts mentorship programs that connect Black professionals to industry experts. At their event, they held panel discussions, inspiring speeches and promoted networking opportunities. Learn more about what Crown Mentorship Foundation has to offer HERE!

  • 5th Annual EcoSystem Impact Awards- Presented by Volta​

    • On September 20th, Volta hosted the 5th annual EcoSystem Impact Awards! These awards celebrate the change-makers and supporters rapidly transforming Atlantic Canada's ecosystem. Learn more about the individuals making a significant contribution to our community HERE!

Things to Inspire

  • Artificial Intelligence and Résumé Critique Experiences

    • When it comes to resume critiques, there is not always time to provide tactical and strategic feedback. Career service administrators are considering using artificial intelligence products that may offer substantial tactical feedback.

  • Workforce of the Future

    • Living through a fundamental transformation, automation and “thinking machines” are replacing human tasks and changing the skills organizations look for in employees. PWC’s “Workforce of the Future” study looks at four possible worlds of work for 2030 to help prepare for the future.

  • Tips for Starting a For-Credit Peer Mentorship Program in High School

    • Research shows that the first year of high school is critical for setting students on a path to on-time graduation and long-term success. Cumberland High School’s Principal shares some insight and tips he gathered from their high school’s new for-credit peer mentorship program.

  • Why Every Student Should Have a Mentor

    • A LinkedIn study found that millennials will change their jobs an average of four times throughout the first decade of their post-secondary education. Want a job that you're passionate about? Learn three ways mentorship is a strategic and helpful tool every student should have available while transitioning from school to the workplace.

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