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EnPoint News

  • Julia and Chantal attended Collision! We’re so grateful for the support of Invest Nova Scotia to be part of the trade mission to attend for the first time. Joining the Alpha startup group, we also spent a day in the exhibition room, sharing what we do!  Super cool to have friends and supporters come say hello! Check out this recap of our highlights and lessons learned from the conference HERE!

  • A few months ago, Chantal participated in a roundtable discussion with Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation about the strengths and barriers commonly experienced by Canadian women entrepreneurs. The report just released and was published. The purpose provides insights into the common strengths of our nation’s women entrepreneurs, and the common biases many face. Read the report HERE!

  • We’re hiring! We’re looking for a new Marketing and Business Growth Intern to join our team this fall. This is a remote position open to students registered in a post-secondary program that includes work placements. If this sounds like you, and you’d like to learn more, click HERE!

  • In June, Digital Nova Scotia Released a feature on EnPoint as their member of the month. In the feature, Chantal discusses how Mentorship plays a pivotal role in unlocking untapped potential, and paving the path to personal and professional growth. Check it out HERE!

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Client Updates and Celebrations!

  • Ocean Allies - EnPoint: Mentorship Training and Networking

    • This special edition of the Ocean Allies networking event series was hosted by Chantal. The event included mentorship training for all those interested in the EnPoint platform, followed by networking with the ocean community!

  • Digital Nova Scotia - Tech Forward Awards Nominations Now Open

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Things to Inspire

  • Driving employee retention through mentorship

    • Discover the importance of mentorship programs in the context of remote work and their impact on employee retention. Mentorship programs can facilitate career development conversations and reduce employee turnover.

  • Challenging our gendered idea of mentorship

    • Read about how men can benefit from the mentorship of women. By sharing more stories of women leaders benefiting men, it can help challenge negative biases about women's leadership abilities and the underrepresentation of women in top positions.

  • Mentoring reduces immigrant unemployment, boosts earnings

    • Learn how mentorship programs provide job-ready immigrants with information about the Canadian job market, requirements, and work cultures. Connecting with Canadian counterparts in their fields helps newcomers establish professional networks and generate job opportunities.

  • The power of mentorship for women

    • Uncover how mentorship can offer women insight on how to navigate issues encountered uniquely by women by learning from someone who has faced similar challenges. Mentors offer a safe space for women to explore their goals, discuss challenges, and receive valuable advice.

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