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Chantal Brine Selected As Universal Women’s Networks “Women of Inspiration” Finalist

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Chantal Brine, Bermuda-born, now Nova Scotian local and founder of start-up company EnPoint, was recently selected as a finalist for Universal Women’s Network’s 2022 Women of Inspiration.

The Universal Women’s Network™ is a private network and global platform committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging by raising the bar to advance women in their network, community, and workplaces. Each year UWN runs the Women of Inspiration™ Awards to “recognize the achievements of women from diverse industries who lead, inspire and motivate! Women of Inspiration™ are CEOs’, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, trailblazers, game-changers, changemakers and SupportHER (male allies) making an impact in our local, national, and global communities.”

Chantal has spent most of her career working with, supporting and volunteering at community, mentorship and role model initiatives to advance women’s careers and entrepreneurship in STEM. As a 4-year old company, EnPoint offers software that alleviates the administrative burden of launching mentorship programs in organizations. In addition, EnPoint offers their expertise in end to end program creation and coordination to organizations who are looking to launch their own impact-proven programs. Today, EnPoint is continuing with its mission to support one million people to make the right connections at the right stages in their careers.

To be selected as a finalist as a Women of Inspiration reaffirms to Chantal the continued importance of mentorship and connections for all. She believes people should love what they do and focus on living a career that is “on point”.

“As a female founder with a non-technical background and passion, I have a small team doing big work with a mission of supporting 1 million people build meaningful careers through mentorship. Recognition as a woman of inspiration is an opportunity to connect and partner with like-minded individuals to make our world a better place. As a start-up, every opportunity to gain awareness and build connections helps us create the impact we are trying to achieve.

There are many amazing leaders who do great things; I would like to see more of these be women, and see more women taking the risk to make meaningful change. Being a woman of inspiration means recognition of the courage to start something from a place of passion and purpose without knowing how it’s going to turn out. It’s being vulnerable enough to seek help from communities. When one of us wins, we all win.”

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