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EnPoint CEO Chantal Brine Recognized as One of the Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada

[Halifax, N.S, February 6th, 2024] - EnPoint, a mentorship development company, is proud to announce that its CEO, Chantal Brine, has been honoured with the prestigious award for being one of the Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada. This recognition is part of the Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada initiative, which aims to celebrate and showcase the outstanding immigrants across the East Coast who have made a significant positive impact in their communities. 

This initiative seeks to identify and honour the trailblazers and leaders across the East Coast who inspire others to contribute to the region. These individuals have not only achieved personal success but have also contributed to the growth and development of their communities.

Expressing her gratitude, Chantal Brine said, "I am beyond honoured to receive this recognition. I am fully aware of the incredible work being done by immigrants on the East Coast, and it is truly inspiring. Together, we are making Atlantic Canada an even better place for more people to call home. When I think about this award, I believe it is about shining light on the power, impact and good that comes from immigrants making homes in the Maritimes. Our businesses and communities need more of these diverse, passionate and driven individuals to build a home here. By doing so, we will help build better communities, companies, and local industries. That is why these awards matter.”

As the CEO of EnPoint, Chantal has demonstrated exceptional leadership, vision, and social responsibility throughout her career and volunteer work. Her dedication and commitment to making a positive impact in Atlantic Canada have earned her this well-deserved recognition. Nominees are selected based on key criteria such as leadership, achievement, growth and development, vision, community involvement and contribution, and social responsibility. 

The Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada initiative culminates in a gala celebration, providing an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the exceptional achievements of immigrants who have chosen to settle in Atlantic Canada.

About EnPoint:

The value of mentorship is undeniable, it transforms organizational culture, increases retention, fosters meaningful professional growth, and creates a lasting impact on both mentors and mentees; but, organizations often struggle with the administrative workload that accompanies powerful mentorship programs. Without the right tools, processes, and expertise - program managers face challenges with engagement and successfully achieving outcomes. EnPoint’s software, program design, and training expertise simplifies and facilitates powerful mentorship programs that reflect both your brand and your program objectives. 

For media inquiries, please contact:

Julia Brine - - 902 880-6945

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