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EnPoint CEO is 2022-23 WCT Mentor Award Recipient

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Halifax, N.S - WCT Celebrates Changemakers on International Women's Day Announcing Winners of the 2022/23 Leadership Excellence Awards, Chantal Brine is the 2022-23 WCT mentor award recipient. Mentor award recipients have guided and helped to develop women leaders in the tech and communications sectors - a fundamental responsibility.

"As a small business owner it is important to me that EnPoint is dedicated to working with clients making a difference for women in tech. As a non-technical founder who wants to see way more women in the field (and in entrepreneurship in the tech field too!), I take a lot of pride in this recognition. It's an honour, truly. Thank you for the work you do to lift women in the industry up and show the country the amazing talent we have here doing great things." - Chantal Brine

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Some mentors are natural, informal guides and coaches, always ready to listen and advise. Others are in more structured mentoring arrangements, working with selected candidates, helping develop programs, or getting their employer to support more mentorship programs, especially for women. EnPoint's work with WCT started in 2020 and continues to the present. Working with chapters across the country, EnPoint provides a mentorship software and expertise for the mentorship offering within each chapter with 540+ participants to date.

The WCT Leadership Excellence Awards recognize the contributions and leadership of women, men and organizations who champion diversity and opportunity for women in Canada's communications and technology sectors. The 2022- 2023 Awards Gala will be held on May 1, 2023.

By announcing the award winners on International Women's Day, WCT honours this year's IWD theme - #DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality. WCT's 2023 Leadership Excellence Award winners stem from diverse backgrounds, advance equity and inclusion through their professional practices and mobilize technology to promote gender equality.

Click here to learn more about the award categories and this year's winners. For media inquiries please email: or

or phone: 902-880-6945 to reach Julia

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