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EnPoint Joins the Volta Community as a Virtual Resident

Updated: Aug 4

Halifax, NS---EnPoint, a female founded and owned tech startup, joined the newly created Virtual Residency at Volta. The innovation hub has developed a branch of its Residency program exclusively for companies who do not need physical space, but could benefit from the collaborative community of peers, mentors, and advisors. Technology based startups, with Founders who are full-time and based in Atlantic Canada, must be willing to be active, collaborative participants with Volta events and programming, and share best practices with other community members. On the heel of their third year, EnPoint, an entirely bootstrapped startup, is poised to scale with the support of other tech founders and advisors.

"EnPoint is founded on the unshakable belief that relationships matter and that the right relationships at the right time in career and business can be changing. As a young company with a big vision of supporting 1 million people in building meaningful careers through mentorship - leveraging the network, expertise, learning, and community of Volta is a no brainer", Chantal Brine, CEO, EnPoint.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, which include:

The Virtual Residency program will run and operate similarly to Volta’s In-House Resident program; with specific eligibility requirements including: companies having a validated idea, global market potential, a team of full-time Founders, and at least one Founder based in Atlantic Canada – among other requirements.

“The decision to add Virtual Residency as an option for Founders came after successfully delivering virtual programming to our Residents in the midst of the pandemic,” said Volta’s Chief Innovation Officer, Matt Cooper. “Founders and their teams have needed to adapt to the challenges and new realities that COVID-19 has presented for work environments. It’s critical that Volta adapts as well to remain relevant and valuable to the Atlantic Canadian startups that we serve.”

EnPoint: EnPoint helps clients harness the power of mentorship to support their people and participants in creating meaningful careers. Our mission is to support one million individuals in making the right connections at the right stages in their careers. With the EnPoint Mentorship software, program design services, and mentor/mentee training, we help clients create impactful mentorship programs at scale.

Working with clients like Dalhousie University, Dillon Consulting, NSCC, the Black Business Initiative, Women in Communications and Technology, and University of Prince Edward Island, we've helped 20,000+ people across 35+ programs to build the confidence, skills, and connections to be successful for many years to come.To learn more about EnPoint, click here Volta: Volta is Atlantic Canada’s premier innovation hub. We offer a place for the startup and innovation community to work, learn and connect. To learn more about the virtual residency, click here.

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