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How to Build a Life Changing Mentor Relationship

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Read how to create and develop a mentorship relationship that is life-changing!

It’s undoubted that connecting with the right people at the right time/stage in your career, and life, can be transformational. Connections and relationships matter. While we are in a world where it seems the volume of “who you know” matters , it is not the quantity of those alone, but rather the quality and intentionality of the relationships in this case. When properly nurtured and fostered, mentor/mentee relationships can.... read the rest here!

Kristy Carruthers started SHEcorporated Magazine to help out female business owners and entrepreneurs. The magazine has featured many amazing business women and most recently EnPoint CEO, Chantal Brine. Chantal's article demonstrates how to create and develop a mentorship relationship which can be life-changing in every aspect of your life.
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