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Oceans Allies to Develop Mentorship Supports with EnPoint

Updated: Aug 4

Halifax, N.S. November 1, 2022 -- EnPoint is excited to announce a partnership with Ocean Allies! Phase 1 of the Ocean Allies project in partnership with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, Pisces RPM, Huntsman Marine Science Centre, and Perennia & many others! 🎉 gets started soon!

Ocean Allies recognizes many of the challenges in Canada’s ocean sector relating to diversity, equity, accessibility & inclusion. After a successful launch of the pilot phase, they are excited to now enter Phase 1 of the Ocean Allies project, which aims to bring together diverse talent to help define success, provide training opportunities, change systems, improve access, & provide recognition, & support in Canada's ocean innovation sector.

“It is through consistent action, collective impact and collaboration that we will be able to increase the full participation of all people in Canada’s ocean technology sector. Ocean Allies has proven to be a great champion of this and the kind of organization that EnPoint can stand behind. We look forward to contributing our experience helping organizations make mentorship matter to this project.” – Chantal Brine, CEO, EnPoint

EnPoint will be providing services related to mentorship programming, including capacity building, training and program design. Mentorship is well documented as a successful component of diversity, equity, and inclusion work - when done intentionally with the communities and employers aiming to be supported. Opportunities to be explored in this upcoming project include mentorship as a career exploration tool for newcomers to the sector, a retention tool for those already in the sector, and/or a leadership development tool to ensure that members of marginalized communities are being given opportunities to progress into leadership roles in the sector.

We look forward to working alongside our project partners to continue supporting EDA&I & take meaningful action towards a more inclusive ecosystem within Canada's Blue Economy. Link to Ocean SuperCluster Press Release:

Graphic detailing Phase 1 of the Ocean Allies project

Ocean Allies Socials


contact email:

Twitter: @OceanAlliesCAN

Linkedin: @ocean-allies-canada

Facebook: Ocean Allies Canada

Pisces Research Project Management Inc.


contact email:

Twitter: @PiscesRPM

Linkedin: Pisces RPM

Facebook: Pisces RPM

Ocean Supercluster socials


Facebook: Canada's Ocean Supercluster

Linkedin: Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

Twitter: @CanadaOSC

Instagram: @canadaosc

Huntsma Marine Science Centre Socials


Twitter: @HuntsmanMarine

Facebook: @huntsmanmarine

Linkedin: Huntsman Marine Science Centre

Instagram: @huntsmanmarine

Perennia Socials


Twitter: @NSPerennia

Facebook: @Perennia

Linkedin: Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc.

Instagram: @nsperennia

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