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Rethinking Employment

An exciting collaboration project between Atlantic Lotto Corporation, Volta, En Point, Halifax Innovation District / Halifax Partnership and 2igloos has recent graduates building solutions for the future of work in Atlantic Canada.

This project is an exciting collaboration between Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Volta, En Point, Halifax Innovation District, Halifax Partnership and Two Igloos, that empowers recent graduates to build solutions for the future of work in Atlantic Canada.

Teams have been looking at how local companies – including corporations, start-ups, nonprofits, and government organizations – have responded to the ever-changing challenges of finding both full-time and co-op/contract employment.

Stay tuned for an exciting and important discussion that will look at the current situation, identify opportunities and areas for considerations with the end result of providing recommendations that will support youth employment, despite COVID-19.

In the process of moving students forward, the initiative will focus on the new

areas of virtual hiring, impact of COVID-19 on talent acquisition and retention, and technology enablement. This project is produced by graduates for graduates, and supported by the market they wish to embrace.

We’re excited about this project and are eager to share our findings with you! Stay tuned to this website for updates, and sign up for our email updates below.

Click the link to see the feature on the VOLTA website:

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