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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

For International Women’s Day, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the women Founders and entrepreneurs in our ecosystem that are making big moves, elevating the startup ecosystem in our region, and creating unique and innovative solutions. It is always inspiring to work alongside several intelligent, passionate and strong women, that continue to help the startup ecosystem grow and thrive. Many of the women featured are mentoring and engaging with young women that are emerging in the tech ecosystem in Atlantic Canada, and we hope to keep that conversation going.

Two women at a desk with a computer

Chantal is a builder of people – and by extension, businesses and communities. Her interest in the psychology behind human interaction brought her to Saint Mary’s University from Bermuda, where she focused on Psychology, Business, and Human Resources. Following university, she made Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada home, and began supporting leaders in the private and public sectors as a general consultant. This work led to her role with North American technology company, Unique Solutions Design Ltd., where she led the development and execution of their human capital strategy for four years as the company tripled in size. After reconnecting with her own passion of helping others develop confidence to build careers that they love, she started EnPoint, with a mission to support one million people in building meaningful careers. EnPoint helps organizations in doing just that – through mentorship software, program design, and mentor/mentee training.

“Mentorship is personal to me; it was a mentor that helped me realize I had this fire to create something inside of me and that I could. Building a company with a mission as big as ours is excitingly challenging, yet deeply rewarding. I’d have it no other way!”

- Chantal Brine

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