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Magnet Launches Building Future Ready Communities: Virtual Tour

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

National Series focused on helping Canadians Navigating the Future of Work

January 2022 --- Magnet, a digital social innovation platform founded by Ryerson University that connects people, businesses and organizations to opportunity is excited to relaunch the national Building Future Ready Communities: Virtual Tour.

Picking up from last year, this event series creates opportunities for cross-sectoral dialogue between community-based employment agencies, post-secondary institutions and employers across Canada on issues related to the future of work.

The series launched in June 2021 already having visited three provinces. The series includes 12 monthly conversations and 3 regional wrap-up events in June 2022. Sessions will provide an opportunity for discussion, best-practice sharing, and inspiration on topics related to equipping the Canadian workforce, employers, and supporting organizations for the future of work.

Magnet has also partnered with EnPoint, a company that helps people connect their passion to career through mentorship, to moderate the series.

Find out more about the Building Future Ready Communities: Virtual Tour event dates and speaker line up here.

"Connecting has never been more important. As we continue to face shocks in the labour market due to covid and other disruptive forces, we need to create resilient networks of peers that can share best practices and learn from and support each other” says Mark Patterson, Executive Director of Magnet “In addition, by creating more dialogue among grassroots organizations across Canada’s diverse communities, we can amplify innovative strategies and solutions and support more communities in addressing common challenges.”

“As a company that helps non-profits, post-secondary institutions, and employers use mentorship (aka. meaningful relationships) to support their people in building their careers, I am beyond thrilled to collaborate on this project.” says Chantal Brine, CEO of EnPoint. “Learning from others’ experiences is at the heart of mentorship; so, to bring together leaders from different communities and sectors across Canada and facilitate conversation about something that is on all of our minds and learn together, is an honour.”


About Magnet: We are a not-for-profit, founded by Ryerson University. The Magnet platform aims to accelerate inclusive economic growth for all in Canada, through targeted activities in three key areas: Careers, Business and Community, using Magnet’s data-rich, intelligent matching technology. Visit to find out more!

About EnPoint: EnPoint’s mission is to support one million people to make the right connections at the right stages in their careers. EnPoint leverages their proprietary mentorship software and expertise services to build custom mentorship programs for organizations and institutions. Visit to learn more. In partnership with:

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