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Mentorship Champion: Ashley Pinsent-Tobin

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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About Ashley:

Ashley is the Manager of International Learning Programs at NSCC International for international and immigrant students. She has worked in international education for over 20 years in the areas of study abroad, international project management, services and supports for international students and language training.

She loves developing and implementing programs that provide the opportunity for NSCC students and employees to experience and learn about other cultures – whether here in Nova Scotia or around the world. Ashley works with departments and campuses across the Nova Scotia Community College to improve and create programs and services for international and immigrant students.

She has particular interest in supporting students in career development, community-building, settlement, and mentorship.

What three words would you use to describe mentorship?

Sharing, supporting, and empowering.

Why do you think mentorship matters in 2023?

I think everyone can benefit from having a mentor. Having a trusted person that you can ask for advice and guidance as you progress through your professional life is so important for growth and learning. There are many different ways of looking at a challenge or situation and having someone that is on your side, but perhaps outside of your every day work life can be so helpful in gaining perspective and a different approach.

Are there any mentorship programs you're aware of or participating that you'd like to share with the EnPoint community to show of how mentorship can be used to support all in building meaningful careers?

I'm a big fan of the EduNova Study & Stay Program. I have been serving as a mentor in that program for 5 years and I have had the chance to connect with amazing international students who want to make a great life for themselves and their families in Nova Scotia. These students have so much to offer our province and will make it better for all of us.

Is there a memorable "mentorship moment" you'd like to share?

One year, I met my Study and Stay mentee 3 months before mentorship matching took place. Ahrthyh and I met at the Study & Stay Retreat and we just hit it off. We had a lot in common and we just knew we could learn from each other - and we did!

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