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Mentorship Champion: Irah Nor

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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About Irah:

Irah Nor hails from over a decade of experience in the marketing industry working in roles within marketing agencies, media publications, Mobile Apps, B2B/SaaS Startups and freelancing & consulting for businesses globally.

Currently, she is the co-founder of Rêveur Marketing, a Toronto-based marketing agency that specializes in holistic growth strategies for SMB’s that accelerate their business and also in helping founders become more knowledgeable about various facets of marketing. Rêveur partners with global businesses (predominantly female-founded) in industries such as Food & Beverage, Automotive, Fashion & Lifestyle, Health & Wellness , Music & more.

What three words would you use to describe mentorship?

Mutually-beneficial, Inspirational, Motivational.

Why do you think mentorship matters in 2023?

When I first made my start in marketing, there were unfortunately not too many leadership figures I felt I could relate to, ask for advice or help me navigate through the start of my career. Back then, digital marketing and tech felt quite like an industry where I didn't find too many people who looked like myself thereby leaving me to feel like I had to throw myself into the wolves and learn it as I go. It actually wasn't until I started my first job in an agency, where my amazing boss at the time (special shout out to the amazing Hilary!) who really took me under her wing, encouraged me to dig my heels into specific areas of the marketing world and also endlessly advocated for me to learn, be promoted, and develop my skills. I can't tell you how transformative it is having someone a boss like Hilary, who not only saw my potential but was willing invest in me, my growth and also build my confidence.

As the marketing industry, tech industry, and also the booming gig economy becomes more competitive, many others are looking for external support and or insight on how to navigate the industry. For those who are currently looking to break into the industry, a certain level of skill development, advice and sponsorship from a mentor can be invaluable. For those already industry and or those looking to make lateral changes or pivots, we may often be caught up in the day to day tasks of the roles that make us forget why we wanted to work in the industry to begin with. Mentorship can truly help inspire the creativity and/or re-ignite the passion for working in these roles - as I know it as for me! As I continue my entrepreneurial journey, my mentors and colleagues have been the ones that kept me on track, help me navigate the woes, but also remind me of the things to enjoy about being self-employed.

Are there any mentorship programs you're aware of/ participating in/ and/or created that you'd like to share with the EnPoint community as examples of how mentorship can be used to support all in building meaningful careers?

On the subject of career pivots and working in tech and marketing, I wanted to give a special shoutout to Accelerate Her Future - a program created by the brilliant Dr. Golnaz Golnaraghi - that is doing incredible work in helping women of colour pursue career in business and tech through their career acceleration and mentorship program. The program opens itself to willing participants at all stages of their career and helps facilitate their transition into tech and/or STEM roles by offering concrete skill-developing programs and also hands-on experience to build their portfolio. They are then connected with relevant mentors in the industry through guided mentorship circles to inspire conversation and share experiences. Having completed two cohorts as a mentor in the past two years, I leave feeling enriched and enlightened every time.

Is there a memorable "mentorship moment" you'd like to share?

Yes! Having been a long time colleague of Chantal's (yes the award winning CEO of EnPoint, that one), I'm often left inspired following our meetings. From one entrepreneur to the other, we often hold space for each other to share the not so pretty moments that come with bootstrapping, wearing different hats, and our never ending task lists. It has happened on more than one occasion, but we frequently remind each other to take pause, be more protective of our time, or be more forgiving with ourselves when things aren't completed. While we don't have a formal mentorship relationship, I always take these reminders as a "mentorship moment". They are moments where I'm left feeling incredibly warm, heard and understood!

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