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Mentorship Champion: Chantal Brine

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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About Chantal:

Chantal is a builder of people and businesses. Her interest in the psychology behind human interaction brought her to Saint Mary’s University from Bermuda, where she focused on Psychology, Business, and Human Resources. Following university, she made Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada her home and began supporting leaders in the private and public sector as a Consultant. This work led to her role with North American technology company, Unique Solutions Design Ltd., where she led the development and execution of their human capital strategy for four years as the company tripled in size. After reconnecting with her own passion of helping others find careers that they love, she started EnPoint, where she focuses on helping thousands of people do just that through mentorship.

Chantal is a believer in experiential learning, a proponent for mentorship, and an active advocate for women. As a TedX and sought-after speaker, she often talks about the importance of living an authentic life and the impact of mentorship in advancing one's career. Chantal most recently joined Unity Charity, a national charity that is using hip hop art forms to help youth build resilience, as a Board Member and Governance and HR Committee Member. She co-chairs the Mentorship Committee for Women in Communications and Technology, Atlantic Chapter, is the past Chair for the Atlantic Regional Advisory Board for the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers, serves on the Halifax Chamber of Commerce WorkForce Taskforce, and sits on the Program Advisory Council for Techsploration. She is also a mentor with the Newcomer Entrepreneurship Hub, two time judge with Ryzhe Ventures out of Innovation Guelph, and active member of a number of women in tech, startup, and ‘future of work’ peer groups.

What three words would you use to describe mentorship?

Transformative, hopeful, inspiring

Why do you think mentorship matters in 2023?

Mentorship is as old as time. The need for it has not lessened over the years. I think that the more we learn about the past and seek to build a better future for all we need to continue to learn - and unlearn. I don't know a better way to do that other than through listening (really listening) to the lived experiences of others, building our self-awareness and confidence, and finding ways to apply those pearls of wisdom in alignment with our own values. Over and over again. That’s what mentorship is- a powerful vehicle to grow and learn as individuals, communities, industries. etc.

As the marketing industry, tech industry, and also the booming gig economy becomes more competitive, many others are looking for external support and or insight on how to navigate the industry. For those who are currently looking to break into the industry, a certain level of skill development, advice and sponsorship from a mentor can be invaluable. For those already industry and or those looking to make lateral changes or pivots, we may often be caught up in the day to day tasks of the roles that make us forget why we wanted to work in the industry to begin with. Mentorship can truly help inspire the creativity and/or re-ignite the passion for working in these roles - as I know it as for me! As I continue my entrepreneurial journey, my mentors and colleagues have been the ones that kept me on track, help me navigate the woes, but also remind me of the things to enjoy about being self-employed.

Are there any mentorship programs you're aware of or participating in that you'd like to share with the EnPoint community to show how mentorship can be used to support all in building meaningful careers?

We're honoured to work with many amazing client organizations who bring mentorship to their employees, community members, students, and/or alumni. If you're looking for a spot to volunteer some time or learn as a mentee yourself any member of our team is happy to point in the direction of client who maybe a fit.

Is there a memorable "mentorship moment" you'd like to share?

Many - but one of the most recent came from two peer mentors who shared some "hard truths" that I needed to hear from someone who is on the same crazy ride of entrepreneurship.

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