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Mentorship Champion: Ian Bezanson

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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About Ian:

Former MarTech founder and Executive who made a leap to the legal space to help a personal injury firm navigate their growth.

What three words would you use to describe mentorship?

1) Support

2) Empowerment

3) Perspective

Why do you think mentorship matters in 2023?

The professional space has transformed greatly over the past few years, seeing a shift to remote working. Many people never/rarely see their teammates face to face and often miss the chance to develop the deeper relationships that come with it. Company culture has become hard to embolden. Mentorship in 2023 and beyond may offer an opportunity to seek deeper connections and advice that will help to develop skills to navigate one's career.

A greater opportunity is now presented for mentors, as well, allowing a chance to learn from the incoming workforce what drives and motivates.

Are there any mentorship programs you're aware of/ participating in/ and/or created that you'd like to share with the EnPoint community as examples of how mentorship can be used to support all in building meaningful careers?

I've been involved in Dalhousie's Ready2Launch program for 2 years as a board member and mentor, along with EduNova's Study and Stay program for many years. In the past, I've been involved in many mentorship programs at Dalhousie, while serving on their board. Since it's inception, I've been involved in EnPoint through various offerings.

Is there a memorable "mentorship moment" you'd like to share?

The most memorable moments have been meeting up with former students I've mentored or even met for coffee a few times to listen and advise years later and seeing what they've achieved through the early part of their careers. Hearing about their journey and that you've played a hand in them getting to where they are, is very meaningful.

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