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Mentorship Champion: Wayne Crawley

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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About Wayne:

An entrepreneur building businesses as an owner and or board member with a vast portfolio of Private Companies.

Having 30 years of successful business development experience achieving over $1.2 billion in enterprise value growth with both public and private companies. With "C-Suite" international experience in business development, leadership, strategy, and operations.

Brad has experience & expertise serving on the board of directors of publicly traded, privately owned, and non-profit organizations for over 35 companies. Positions including Chair, Vice Chair, and Committee Chair roles. He is also an architect for creating private company boards. With honourable achievements such as being recognized as one of Canada's Top 40 under 40, being a member of YPO International including Chair, YPO Gold, and Atlantic Canada Chapter in 2019-2020. As well as achieving the rank of honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Canadian Military.

Why do you think mentorship matters in 2023?

"I am grateful for opportunities to share my own life experience to help someone to find their best life journey just as I am so thankful for those that helped me when I was younger. Most often it's offering different perspectives that can help someone especially with their confidence and seeing more options. It's very helpful when a person is climbing hard to show them an escalator but it's life changing to show them other mountains!"

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